PFK is a Houston, TX physical fitness organization devoted to helping others reach their health, fitness, and performance goals utilizing body weighted calisthenics and Strong First Russian kettlebell techniques.  

Today there is too much emphasis placed on quick fixes, crash diets, and time consuming training plans. These conventional methods do work...for a while; however, it is in our nature to thrive on life long routines rather than quick fixes. It is time to revert back to how nature intended us to move, eat, and live. 

"Primal", in this case, means peeling back all the years of technology, industry, and any other advancement that has us sitting on our duff all day, and finding a human being who was born to be mobile, durable,  quick, strong, lean, muscular, disease free, and enjoy simple things in life. It is a minimalist's approach to physical culture and nutrition where you don't have to spend hours upon hours per week at the gym or have a mental break down trying to count calories. This primal potential is in all of us waiting to be unleashed. PFK is here to help people unleash their primal potential allowing them enjoy a healthy active life.


(inspired by marksdailyapple.com)

  • follow a primal/paleo nutrition system (see Primal Blueprint)
  • practice intermittent fasting
  • learn how to move in balance w/o dysfunction and/or pain
  • master basic calisthenics (push ups, pull ups, squats, and more advanced drills) 
  • focus on strength (ex. lifting heavy kettlebells and decreasing the leverage in your calisthenics)
  • move at a slow pace w/ frequent walks, hikes, or low intensity swimming 
  • sprint and move at a fast pace every once in a while
  • get plenty of sunlight, rest, and recovery
  • find an activity you enjoy outside of training
Primal Fire Kettlebells was founded by Doug Descant, SFGCKFMS, a  fire fighter paramedic for the City of Houston. Health and fitness is more than just a recreational activity for fire fighters. It's a matter of life and death. Being a fire fighter paramedic for a number of years, has shown Doug the harsh realities of unhealthy lifestyles both in and out of the fire station.   

"I've helped people from all walks of life, including fire fighters, martial artists, and stay at home moms, who are ready to unleash their primal potential. I am very passionate about what I do and thoroughly enjoy teaching others how to move better. There is great reward in helping someone else achieve a goal be it fitness, athletic performance, or skill achievement." 

Doug offers private instruction, group training, and PFK workshops. If you're interested in any of these training options contact Doug right now by clicking the logo below. Also, win a free fitness assessment by clicking the blue kettlebell below, liking the PFK FB page and leaving Doug a comment.